As the generations move further away from the Holocaust, the need to preserve the individual stories of survivors becomes increasingly important. Every survivor has a heroic tale to tell, and valuable lessons for the future that must be recorded for time immemorial.  LaDOR VaDOR Holocaust Memoirs will preserve these invaluable historical family legacies for your children, grandchildren and all future generations.

Our Unique Process

LaDOR VaDOR Holocaust Memoirs combines personal interviews with targeted research to create an eternal legacy for future generations.  We meet with each family, conduct an in depth interview and then the research process begins.  We fill in missing details through filmed interviews, Holocaust archives and other valuable resources.  Our research generally uncovers moving photographs and fascinating documentation that preserves the historical record in a remarkably personal and powerful manner.  Through our unique process, each family will receive a personalized chronicle that puts familiar family stories into a historical context bringing greater appreciation to each survivor’s individual tale.

Your Active Role in the Process:

Once you commission a LaDOR VaDOR Holocaust Memoir, we still need your cooperation. Since this is the story of your family, it's beneficial to have multiple perspectives from different family members to share the familiar stories, and common values that make your family unique. For the process to move forward, we need: